House Dinner
All House Dinner Served with Soup, Egg Roll, Fried Wonton and Egg Fried Rice.
Almond Chicken 14.50
Mongolian Beef Declicious! 15.00
Sweet & Sour Shrimp Old Favorite 16.00
Szechuan Beef 15.00
Sweet & Sour Pork Old Favorite 14.50
Jade Garden Special Chow Mein 16.00
Happy Family What a combination! 16.00
Shredded Chicken with Yu–Shang Saue 14.50
Mandarin Dinner
$20.00 per person (Minimum 2 people)
Soup • Pu Pu Platter Appetizer • Egg Fried Rice
Entrée: (Each person picks one entrée listed below)
Sweet & Sour Pork
Kor Ba Sizzling Platter
Lemon Chicken
Szechuan Beef
Happy Family
Prawn A La Szechuan
Fresh Mushrooms with Pork
Sesame Chicken
Velvet Seafood Delight
Side Orders
Steamed Vegetables 4.50
Egg Fried Rice (Sm.) 2.00
(Lg.) 3.50
Steamed White Rice (Sm.) 2.00
(Lg.) 3.50
Steamed Brown Rice (Sm.) 2.00
(Lg.) 3.50
Crispy Noodle 1.50
Extra Sauce on the Side 2.50
Hot Oil or Mustard 0.30
Soy Sauce 0.15
Fortune Cookies 0.20
Almond Cookies 0.30